Sunday, July 28, 2013

A Series of Sunsets

I have been a bit obsessed with photographing sunsets lately.  Over the past few days, I contemplated on why that is.  I do my daily chores in the morning before work, so when I come home all I have to do is water the garden, feed my dog, and make my dinner.  Then I get to sit-down and relax with the TV or a book and a nice big mug of tea.  This is my end-of-day wind-down and it takes place during dusk; as I am sitting by the window having my tea, I see the sun setting over the mountains and it adds that extra bit of serotonin enhancing my nightly relaxation routine.  Each sunset is unique; sometimes they are so inspiring I just have to run outside and snap a few shots.  Here are a few of my favorites.  Maybe they will make you smile too.

(no photoshopping, no filters)


  1. These are exquisite! Your sunsets are as lovely as ours. Wonderful work (both you and Mother Nature).

    1. I think Mother Nature deserves most of the credit. She is my muse.