Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Tracks in the Snow

We've hardly had any snow here....I am beginning to wonder if I am really living in Colorado, or if I just imagined that I moved here.  We did get three inches of snow for Christmas though and this brought out the cottontails.  As I looked out my window on Christmas Eve, two bunnies hopped out into the middle of the street and played in the freshly laid snow.  They must have really enjoyed frolicking in the snow because when I went outside in the morning there were tracks everywhere.  Each day after that as the snow stayed on the ground more and more bunny tracks appeared.  They were in loop-d-loops and around trees showing what fun the bunnies had during their late night games.

There were also prairie dogs, but they stayed by their tunnels in the open space down the street.  Their prints look more like butt scoots going from hole to hole leading into their elaborate underground homes.

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  1. So cute! When bunnies dance in a ring or figure 8, it's called "The Bunny's Dance of Love"- so they were appreciating the lovely trees in the snow!