Sunday, August 19, 2012


When I was very little, in San Diego, my dad would take me to the playground at the school up the hill from us.  I was too small for the big kid playground, but that was okay with me because the little kid playground had this awesome cheese house.  I would climb up it and through it (I fit through most of the holes).  My dad and I played cat and mouse; I was the mouse hiding and climbing away from the cat who snarled and growled at me.  It was so much fun.  I have described this playground to others in my adult life and received looks like I belonged in an asylum. I've never met anyone else who had played in a cheese house; I thought that my cheese house was the only one.  Then at a rest stop along I-80 in Nebraska I saw a cheese house playground.  I was so excited; I had to take a picture to show my dad the cat.

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  1. Holy cheese! That is exactly like the one at Del Mar Heights least it was there in the 80's. What a find! I remember growing too big to fit inside the holes and getting very sad about that irreversible change.